Anagh was born in the City of Los Angeles and grew up in San Gabriel, where he attended local area schools and enjoyed playing sports and contract bridge. His first Bachelor’s degree was in Computer Information Systems from Cal State LA’s College of Business and Economics where he learned about computer programming, marketing, economics, accounting, management, and finance. Anagh received a second Bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona in Civil Engineering and now works as a Civil Engineer for the City of Los Angeles.

Anagh works on the construction phase of civil projects as a construction manager. His primary goal is to build high-quality projects on time and under budget. Anagh works with stakeholders to maintain the integrity of the projects and identifies solutions by bringing partners together to ensure every project is completed with integrity. He is also a mentor, trainer, and supervisor to new engineering associates learning the role of a construction manager in the workplace.    

For the past five years, Anagh has served as a Planning Commissioner with the City of San Gabriel. As an established leader, he reviews and recommends new ordinances including the historical ordinance and housing ordinance. He analyzes the public works budget and advises the City Council on new development projects. Anagh approves new land-use designs and questions reports when clarifications are required. His recommendations benefit his community and his neighbors directly, and he always follows the governing laws set forth by the people. Anagh is now ready to take on a new set of challenges as he makes his bid for the Board of Directors for the San Gabriel County Water District.